Tools For Your Trade


Getting Started As A Massage Therapist Can Be Confusing At First,

Let AMTA-NM Help Provide You With The Tools Of  Your Trade!

The Massage Therapy Board oversees the practice of individuals who use the title of massage therapists, or otherwise represent themselves to be massage therapist, registered massage therapy instructors and massage therapy schools. Please visit their website to obtain information on everything from Members & Meetings, Forms & Applications, Requirements & Continuing Education, Online License Renewals, Look Up A License, Rules & Laws, Fees, Disciplinary Actions, Etc..

How do I obtain a Business License?

Know your Workplace options.

If you are working as an Employee, there are a few things you should know.

If you are not an employee or self employed, you are an Independent Contractor.

Contracts are a must….like the old saying goes “tall fences make good neighbors” make certain it is not one sided. There are many templates on the internet that can be altered to suit your particular needs, and don’t forget, your AMTA-NM Board is always available to point you in the right direction and offer feedback.

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