2021 Fall Education Event

Friday October 22

Intro to Thai Massage 1:30-4:30 (3 CEs) Thai massage is an ancient modality with its roots in Northern India, Buddhism and Ayurveda. It is sometimes referred to as “the lazy person’s yoga”, since you get many of the benefits of yoga without the effort.  It was created to prepare the body for meditation. The students will learn a basic flow that combines assisted stretching, acupressure, and compression to improve flexibility and balance the body’s energy by dissolving blockages and alleviating stress. Thai Massage can support students in their current practice, is adaptable to the table, and employs body mechanics that will support the longevity and endurance of their practice. Students identify 6 sen lines, energy lines in the body and demonstrate a basic Thai massage sequence. We will discuss history of Thai massage, body mechanics, contraindications, sanitation and energetic clearing.

Presented by Graciela Raquel Sedillo Lopez, Approved Provider Number 1000166
Ms. Lopez has been practicing Thai massage for more than 10 years. She has studied in Laos, Costa Rica, Mexico and New Mexico within the lineage of Asokanandawhose teachings traced back to Jivaka Khumar Baccha, revered as the father of medicine in Thailand. She has been teaching Thai massage for 3 years while maintaining a student mindset. A native of Albuquerque, Ms. Lopez remains aware of the ways in which cultural appropriation can cause harm. She stays mindful of blessings and brilliance of the teachings, how we can center and give back to the lineage and culture from which it came.  As a measure to find balance, Ms. Lopez commits to offering a portion of the proceeds from her classes to the NM Asian Family Center. She is most moved by the principle that Thai Massage is the “physical application of Metta” (loving kindness) and hopes to offer that quality of touch to all whom she teaches and works on.

Saturday October 23 (Choose ONE of the following two options.)
Intelligent Pressure 9:00-4:30 (6CEs)  As a healthcare and wellness provider, you know that therapeutic interventions include the use of human touch and with that touch, the application of gentle to heavy force, which the patient perceives as pressure. Force is applied when giving massages- relaxation, sports, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, reflexology, and other services. But how do you know when you’re applying too much pressure unless the patient complains? How do you know when you’re applying too little pressure to be effective? Now through newly developed cutting edge technology and research, health and wellness providers can assess their own applied force in measurable units. After self-assessment, providers will practice and develop muscle memory to apply light, gentle, medium, heavy and intense pressure, and a new way to document the care in health records. You will be using a specially designed pressure pad to practice sensitivity. The new skill will lead to uniformity in your applied force and standardization across healthcare and wellness providers, leading to higher patient/client satisfaction.
Presented by Louisa Boyd on behalf of CNM Ingenuity Inc., Approved Provider Number 1000330
Ms. Boyd is an occupational therapist who specializes in lymphatic disorders, neurolymphatic
 therapy, breast cancer rehabilitation and hand therapy. With more than 35 years of experience, she has a special interest in the integration of pressure awareness training methods to support the standardization of manual therapies. Ms. Boyd is an instructor for Central New Mexico Ingenuity Intelligent Pressure Program and other institutions. She has also consulted and presented on various lymphedema and manual therapy pressure issues within the manual lymph drainage community as faculty for the National Lymphedema Network.

Trigger Point Myotherapy for Sciatica and Frozen Shoulder 8:00-5:30(8 CEs) This class is designed for a beginning to advanced massage therapist. In this 8-hour training you will learn about fascia and take a journey into the human structure that will support you and your clients understanding how trigger point therapy decreases pain and muscle dysfunction. We will discuss the embryology of fascia, learn new massage techniques and increase your awareness of where trigger points are located. We will be focusing on sciatica by treating the sacral plexus/ lumbar musculature and frozen shoulder by treating the brachial plexus/shoulder complex with a deep dive into the anatomy of these areas.

Presented by David M. Lang, LMT, MTPT, COMT, Approved Provider Number 451588-11 David Lang has been a licensed massage therapist since 1992. He currently owns David M. Lang LMT, LLC Advanced Manuel Therapy. He currently practices Myotherapy, Visceral/Neuro Manipulation, Palliative, and Hospice Care, Lymphatic Drainage, Oncology Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, Cranial Sacral, and is well-versed in many energy healing techniques. He specializes in pediatric and adult care for medically fragile patients. David served as president of the AMTA-NM Chapter from 1994-1996. In 2000 he served on the New Mexico Massage Therapy Licensing Board. In 2014, Mr. Lang founded Kids Supporting Kids New Mexico, an initiative to raise funds for integrative services of children fighting and thriving through cancer. 

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