2018 AMTA NM State Conference & Annual Meeting


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2018 AMTA NM State Conference & Annual Meeting | Building a Strong Foundation | March 2-4, 2018 | ABQ
We hope that you’ll join us in Albuquerque in March for our 2018 State Conference & Annual Meeting focusing on the lower body, our foundation! We are excited to welcome James Waslaski to teach his dymanic Orthopedic Massage techniques for the Lower Body & Pelvic Stabilization. James will also be with us for a Bonus Day where he address Complicated Knee Conditions and Corrective Exercises for Pain Free Living. We will also be offering a fantastic Ethics class with Ellen Santistevan, The Trans Body on the Table and Understanding the Endocanabinoid System with Oregon Chapter President Julie Crispin. We are offering a total of 16 CEUs during the 2 day Conference, Saturday March 3rd and Sunday March 4th with an additional 8 hands-on CEU’s available on the Bonus Day Friday March 2, 2018.

This year we are pleased to be able to offer a flexible schedule.  We are excited to have some top-notch educators present in their fields of expertise. In addition, we’ll have fabulous door prizes, swag bags, complimentary student chair massages, our annual business meeting & elections with an update on chapter happenings and complimentary lunch, and a happy hour reception on Saturday night to socialize.

Early-Bird member registration starts January 8th ends February 2nd – YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE T-SHIRT WITH YOUR EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION! 


Questions about registration?  Call us at 505-503-4600.  If you have an interest in volunteering some time during the conference weekend, contact the Conference Committee Co-Chair, Emery Cruz


Conference To Be Held At The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center


Indian Pueblo Cultural Center |2401 12th Street NW |Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104

Phone: 505.843.7270 |  Website

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is more than a museum, we’re a full-service event venue.

Whether you’re dreaming of your wedding day, hosting a corporate banquet, throwing a quinceañera or graduation party, or celebrating a milestone anniversary, our professional events staff is here to help bring your vision to life.

We offer half a dozen different event spaces, from conference rooms to upscale banquet halls to our stunning mural-lined courtyard. Whichever venue you choose, your guests will be surrounded by art and culture.


Host Hotel 


Holiday Inn Express & Suites | 2300 12th Street NW | Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104

Phone: 505.842.5000 | Website

You must reserve by February 4th to get the special conference rate.


Enjoy this hotel centrally located in Albuquerque. Our Old Town district hotel (approximately 1.5 miles from the Albuquerque Old Town Plaza) is located just north of I-40 on 12th Street in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are approximately seven miles from Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) and Kirtland Air Force Base. While lodging in Albuquerque, New Mexico you can head to the Albuquerque Old Town Plaza for shopping or visit the many museums located there. Across the street from the hotel is the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center where you will experience the culture, heritage and history of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico. Or you can spend the day at the Santa Ana, Sandia or Isleta Casinos, all offering Las Vegas style gaming. This Albuquerque, New Mexico hotel also puts business travelers within 10 miles of many of the area’s businesses, such as UNM, SAIC and Walgreens’ corporate office. We offer two meeting rooms, free high-speed internet and a 24-hour business center equipped with two computers each with their own printer. While lodging in our Albuquerque hotel you can unwind in the 24-hour fitness center, enjoy our indoor pool and hot tub or relax on a triple-sheeted bed while you surf the free high-speed internet. Start your morning right with our hot complimentary Express Start breakfast bar.

Room/Ride Share page is located here.


Orthopedic Massage for Lower Body Conditions & Pelvic Stablization with James Waslaski | Saturday & Sunday March 3-4 | 8 CEUs

James Waslaski is an Author & International Lecturer who teaches approximately 40 seminars per year around the globe. He’s served as AMTA Sports Massage Chair and FSMTA Professional Relations Chair. He’s developed 8 Orthopedic Massage and Sports Injury DVDs, and authored manuals on Advanced Orthopedic Massage and Client Self -Care. His new book: Clinical Massage Therapy: A Structural Approach to Pain Management, was published by Pearson Education in 2011. James is a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM. He presents at state, national and international massage, chiropractic, and osteopathic conventions, including keynote addresses at the FSMTA, World of Wellness, New England Regional Conference, the World Massage Festival, and Australian National Massage Conventions. His audience includes massage and physical therapists, as well as athletic trainers, chiropractors, osteopaths, nurses and physicians. James received the 1999 FSMTA International Achievement Award, and was inducted into the 2008 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. James was awarded Massage Therapist of The Year in 2012 at the Canadian Massage Conference. He was also nominated and awarded by his peers and colleagues the designation of Teacher of The Year 2015 at the World Massage Festival. CLICK HERE for additional information.

Integrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage for Lower Body Conditions

Participants will use modalities such as functional assessment, myofascial release, posturology, neuromuscular therapy, scar tissue immobilization, myoskeletal alignment, P.N.F. stretching and strengthening in a very precise order.  This unique presentation will address the clinical approach to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the lumbar spine, hip, SI joint, pelvis and conditions in the lower extremity immediately and permanently. Lower Body Conditions addressed are; Low Back Pain, Sciatica, SI Joint Pain, Frozen Hips, Bulging Discs, Patella femoral Pain, Patella Tendinosis, Chondromalacia, IT Band Friction Syndrome, Fixated Posterior Fibular Head Pain, Abnormal Knee Rotation, Medial & Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprains, Medial and Lateral Meniscus Tears, ACL & PCL Sprains, Hamstring Strains, Popliteal Pain, Plantaris Strains, plantarfasciitis, Achilles tendinosis, posterior medial shin pain, anterior lateral shin pain, anterior lateral compartment syndrome, fallen arches, hyper-pronated feet, ankle sprains and strains, bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, and joint arthritis

Pelvic Stabilization “The Key to Structural Integration” Low Back Pain, Hip and Sciatica

This unique presentation will address the clinical approach to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the lumbar spine, hip and pelvis. Specific conditions addressed will be low back pain, SI joint dysfunction, sacral torsions, lumbar compression, spinal stenosis, bulging disc pain, and ruptured discs.. In addition, we will address hip pain, hip capsule problems, hip replacements, sciatica and compensatory knee pain. Revolutionary post surgical rehabilitation for hip replacements will be addressed based on James’s personal experience. Primary modalities utilized will be functional assessment, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, posturology, multidirectional frictioning, eccentric scar tissue alignment, and corrective stretching and strengthening protocols.  This unique multidisciplinary approach to deep tissue release for structural alignment will be completely pain free, and will allow for immediate and permanent results; even in the most complicated pain conditions. James will incorporate dazzling 3-D functional anatomy and human dissection models to support his multi-disciplinary approach for assessment, treatment and specific self care of each condition.

Ethics: The Trans Body on the Table

Ellen Santistevan will explore the myths, misconceptions and working with the transgender and intersex population.

Understanding the Endocannabinoid System

Oregon Chapter President Julie Crispin will introduce participants to the Endocannabinoid System, how it works, the connection between endocannibinoids and phytocanniboids, and what terpenes are. She will also cover the biology, chemistry and history of the cannabis plant and its 150 species. Participants will also learn about current legislation and research available.


BONUS DAY Friday March 2, 2018 | With James Waslaski | 8 CEUs :


Integrated Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Knee Conditions

After a brief review of Pelvic Stabilization, therapist will learn assessment and clinical reasoning skills to sort out approximately 12 causes of complicated knee pain. We will be sharing cutting edge research on myofascial pain, scar tissue mobilization, trigger points, and joint pain. Modalities used will be functional assessment, posturology, myofascial release, NMT, joint capsule work, myoskeletal alignment, and specific corrective stretching, and strengthening protocols for each clinical condition.  Participants will also be learning our revolutionary technique for releasing complicated hip capsule problems.  After Pelvic Stabilization review, we will address Patella femoral Pain, Patella Tendinosis, Chondromalacia, IT Band Friction Syndrome, Fixated Posterior Fibular Head Pain, Abnormal Knee Rotation, Medial & Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprains, Medial and Lateral Meniscus Tears, ACL & PCL Sprains, Popliteal Pain, Hamstring Strains and Plantaris Strains. The key to this seminar is that all muscle groups that affect the hip and knee will be brought into balance prior to treating the clinical symptoms, and the client will be given custom designed self care for each specific condition, to eliminate pain forever.   (70% Hands on training- Mats or tables required.)

Corrective Exercises for Pain Free Living and Performance Enhancement

As a certified personal trainer, for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, it is vital for all manual therapists to evaluate and treat overactive and under active muscle activity throughout the body. When certain muscle groups get tight and facilitated, and opposing muscles get weak and inhibited, it leads to musculoskeletal pain and decreased athletic performance. Classic examples are Lower Crossed Syndrome where the hip flexors get tight causing the hip extensors to not only get weak, but to not fire in the proper firing order. In Upper Crossed Syndrome the anterior shoulder muscles get tight and facilitated, causing pain in the upper back due to weak, inhibited shoulder and cervical stabilizers. Based on the stretching protocols of Aaron Mattes, and strengthening exercises from NASM, therapists will learn to eliminate supination and over-pronation of the foot, rotational patterns of the knee, low back pain, cervical pain and shoulder and arm pain. This dynamic multimedia presentation will take you inside the human body to eliminate joint pain throughout the body, and increase athletic performance to a whole new level.




Conference Registration Fees

Saturday & Sunday Conference 16 CEUs 



Non Member

Join AMTA Package*

Early Bird 1/08 – 2/02




Pre-Registration 2/03 – 2/18




2 Day Conference + Bonus Day 24 CEUs


Non Member

Join AMTA Package*

Early Bird 1/08 – 2/02




Pre-Registration 2/03 – 2/18




Bonus Day ONLY 8 CEUs


Non Member

Join AMTA Package*

Early Bird 1/08 – 2/02




Pre-Registration 2/03 – 2/18




*Only new members are eligible, not renewals. Includes conference registration and one year of professional membership ($189). This is a savings, as typical first time membership is $199. 

Sunday’s Ethics Class Only (4 CEUS)






Early Bird 1/08 – 2/02



Pre-Registration 2/3 – 2/18



Saturday Night Happy Hour Reception Only


Member & Member Partner*

Non Member

Early Bird 1/04 – 2/02



Pre-Registration 2/03 – 2/18



* Would you like to purchase a pass to attend the Opening Reception Only?
(Members limited to one partner, no children please). There will be a selection of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. If you register for the entire conference, the Saturday Night Happy Hour is already included.

Saturday Annual Meeting Only


Member without Lunch

Member with Lunch

Non Member without Lunch

Non Member with Lunch

Early Bird 1/08 – 2/2





Pre-Registration 2/03 – 2/18





Full Lunch Buffet will be served.  




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2018 Annual Meeting & Elections:

Want To Be A Part of Something Special?

Join the AMTA-NM Leadership in the Upcoming 2018/2019 Annual Elections

Are you passionate about your massage career?  Do you have great ideas for elevating the profession?  Run for the Board or another Chapter Elected position!

There are several volunteer positions up for election this year. It is so rewarding to serve on the AMTA-NM board. There are opportunities for learning, networking, community service, and personal growth. You do not need any special experience- just a positive attitude and willingness to serve your local AMTA members. Some of the requirements include attending face-to-face board meetings, conference call board meetings, assisting in organizing chapter events, recruiting volunteers, and committee work (related to education, communications, government relations, membership, etc.)

On Saturday March 3, 2018, we’ll be electing:
• President – 2 yr. term
• Board Member – 2 yr. term
• Secretary – 2 yr. term
• Delegate – 2 yr. term

If you would like to be considered for an elected position on the AMTA NM Board of Directors or Delegate position please submit your resume and letter of intent describing your eligibility to our Commissioner on Candidacy Amy Zampella via email amy@heartlinemassage.com by February 20, 2018.

Please contact the Board Members if you’d like to ask them about their leadership positions.

Elected Leadership Positions | Descriptions:

Click on each title for the official job description.

President – 2 yr. term

The Chapter President sets the direction and pace of the Chapter’s activities based on the vision that has been determined by the Chapter membership, Chapter Board, and other Chapter
Officers. The Chapter President serves as a leader, planner, mentor, mediator, and facilitator. In addition to being a Professional member in good standing, she/he must meet one or more of the following requirements:
• Completed one term year as a Chapter Board member within the last three years.
• Completed one term year as a Chapter committee chair or member within the last two years.
• Completed one term year as a National Board member, National Standing Committee Chair,
or National Standing Committee member within the last two years

Secretary – 2 yr. term

The Financial Administrator (previously Treasurer) manages and oversees the chapter budget, approves reimbursements for volunteers, retains records and works with the national finance committee to acquire financial reports for the chapter.  The Chapter Secretary is the official keeper of the Chapter records and is responsible for
recording, maintaining and updating Chapter records during her/his term of office. The Secretary must be a Professional member in good standing and have completed 1 year of AMTA membership

Board Member – 2 yr. term

The position of Board Member serves on the NM board of directors and assists the President in achieving the chapter’s goals. This position plays an integral part in determining the direction of the organization and promoting AMTA state-wide. The Board Member must have been an AMTA member for at least 1 year.

Delegate – 2 yr. term

Delegate represents the massage therapy profession in the Assembly of Delegates (formerly House of Delegates) and related activities as they pertain to the profession in their state. Applicants for the position of Delegate are encouraged to consider the following questions when choosing to become a candidate for the position.
1. What is the context of health and wellness in my state?
2. What are the things that are impacting massage therapy in my state? (including but not
limited to):
a. Education requirements
b. Regulation
c. Continuing education
d. Cultural issues
e. Socio-economics
f. Diversity
g. Employment practices

Delegates are required to attend the National Assembly of Delegates (AOD) meeting and represent the NM chapter on changes to national policy, position statements and recommendations. The majority of the Delegate’s work takes place in the months leading up to convention: review of proposed position statements and recommendations, and collecting feedback from members. You must be a current member in good standing to run for any delegate position. As a Delegate, you will be required to attend the AMTA National Convention in Washington, DC on August 8-11, 2018 and in Indianapolis, IN in 2019. Compensation for airfare, 2 night’s lodging and 2 days meals is available.


Why Serve On The Board Of Directors?

  • Personal and professional development – opportunities to network with and learn from your colleagues, gain leadership skills, boost your confidence and self esteem.
  • Serving on the board of directors is a wonderful way to support a cause you care about – your massage therapy profession. You can contribute to the common good of massage therapists around the state.
  • Make new friends. Lifelong relationships come out of working closely with your colleagues.
  • Grow your network. Grow your business. As some of our existing board members say, “Volunteering has helped my personal massage therapy practice!” There are opportunities to talk to the public at large, network with other healthcare providers, and meet potential clients.
  •  Travel around the state and even the country! There is compensation for your travel if necessary and officers/leadership training for Board members. Positions  receive some compensation for attending the National Convention this coming year (2018) in Washington, DC.

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2018 Conference & Meeting FAQ’s:

Can I Register For The Conference On The Day Of?

There will be no on-site registration. It is suggested you register as soon as possible for the 2018 conference.

Can I Register For Just One Class?

You can register for the Ethics class on it’s own. Click here to register.

Can I Go To The Social Event | Happy Hour Reception Saturday Evening?

If you register for the full Conference (16 CEU’s) the Saturday Night Reception is included in your registration fee. Be sure to click that you will be attending the reception when registering. If you are not attending the conference you can purchase a pass to attend the Opening Reception (Early Bird: $5 members/$12 non-members) purchased by clicking on Registration link.

What Will Take Place at the 2018 Annual Meeting?

While enjoying a tasty complimentary buffet lunch (with dessert!), the chapter board of directors will present an overview of our activities and accomplishments over the past year. We will recognize chapter volunteers and announce the winner of the Dan Barrow Memorial Scholarship. Then we will hold elections for the 2018/2019 Board of Directors and Delegates.

Can I attend just the Annual Meeting & Elections on Saturday?

Yes, you can attend just the Annual Meeting for free without lunch as a member. Registration for this option will open soon.  For members w/o lunch it’s no charge. For members w/lunch, $20. For non members, w/o lunch, $15, w/lunch, $35.

What Should I Bring For The Workshops?

You should bring pen and paper and business cards for networking with other therapists. Some of the group will need to bring their massage tables and linens. We will announce which portion of the alphabet will need to bring their massage tables for the hands-on classes.

What Shall I Wear?

Dress is casual, comfortable for all workshops since we will be practicing hands-on work.  Meeting rooms can be cold, bring a sweater or jacket for lecture portions of class and the business meeting/elections. Suggested business casual for the Social Event / Happy Hour Reception Saturday evening.

Are These Courses NCBTMB Approved?

The Orthopedic Massage hands-on classes and the Ethics class are NCBTMB approved. The Endocannabinoid class is not, but will qualify for State of NM credits.

Are There Any Restaurants Near The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center?

There are many restaurants very close to the IPCC, on 12th Street and the surrounding area including a brand new Laguna Burger. IPCC also has a fantastic onsite restaurant.


What If I Decide At The Last Minute That I Need A Hotel Room?

AMTA-NM has negotiated a room rate of $99/night for a double queen (up to 4 people) or for a single king during the conference for rooms booked February 4th. Just let Holiday Inn Express & Suites Old Town know that you’re with the AMTA-NM Conference when booking your room. Rooms booked after February 4th will be at the current room rate. You can reach the Holiday Inn by phone at (505) 843-5000.


What Is The Cancellation Policy?

All cancellations must be made in writing and submitted to AMTA-NM. An administrative fee of $50 is assessed on all cancellations made by February 20, 2018. Cancellations made after that date or no-shows are not eligible for refunds. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to ATMA-NM, Attn: Annual Conference, 1005 21st Street Suite 8, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 or emailed to Shawna Tucker at slt.massage.therapy@gmail.com.

I Have Food Sensitivities, What Is Being Served For Lunch?

We do our best to come up with options that serve the largest population. There is a gluten free/vegan option for the lunch buffet. The IPCC cannot accommodate all food restrictions. Feel free to bring your own meals and/or snacks if the complementary food provided does not meet your dietary needs. No substitutions or refunds available.

What about Breakfast?

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites room rate includes breakfast starting at 6:00 am. Breakfast will also be provided on Saturday March 3, 2018 during Registration.

Are you serving snacks during Classes?

On Friday, we will be serving coffee/tea and water during both the am and pm breaks, as well as small snacks. On Saturday we will be serving serving coffee/tea and water only during breaks.  Sunday, we will be serving coffee/tea and water as well as snacks during both the am and pm breaks.

I still have questions about the conference.

Call us at 505-503-4600


I Would Like To Help Out. Does the Chapter Need Help Before Or During The Conference?

Yes! Please email Emery Cruz or call her at (210) 557-5197 and let her know if you’re available to help out during the conference (assistance with registration, set-up/break-down, etc.). Volunteering is a great way to get to know others in the community. We have lots of small easy tasks and the more hands we have makes the whole event easier and more enjoyable for all.

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